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Name Yusuke Ushijima
Instrument to play

An acoustic guitar is my main instrument. I also enjoy playing an electric guitar, a piano, an Okinawa samisen, a flute, etc.. I like anything which sound.


Composers to love and respect John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Syd Barrettt
Songwriters to love and respect John Lennon, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan
Novelists to love and respect Samuel Beckett, Bret Easton Ellis, Donald Barthelm
Japanese traditional comic storytellers to love and respect Bunraku Katsura, Shinsyo Kokontei, Ensyo Sanyutei, Danshi Tatekawa, Shijyaku Katsura
People in comprehensive genre to love and respect Monty Python, especially Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Takayuki Tatsumi
My favorite food Raw oyster(the origin of my label name), Ascidian, Soba(Buckwheat noodles)
My favorite liquors "MALTS"(beer), "Suigei"(Sake "Drunken Whale")
adding a word I release songs with a CD, but I still like velvety timbre of the tape than the sound quality of the CD very much.
A Picture of Yusuke Ushijima